Moving forward with you


Lupoli Companies is moving forward on the Dascomb Road Project with plans to develop the property into a thriving mixed-use community!

Currently, the property is zoned for commercial and retail uses, which will come to life as an upscale lifestyle project, featuring state-of-the-art office space, popular retail shops, a grocery store, a boutique hotel and if approved, a residential component for 55+ Andover residents.   

As a result of our community outreach and public involvement processes, the plans have been amended to eliminate the millennium housing units and to seek a yes vote to include exclusive age-restricted (55+) residential units.

In response to concerns about the impact on schools if young families moved into the development, Lupoli Companies met with Town Boards, Town Staff and Andover residents to fully understand what the community is hoping to see on Dascomb Road. “We have heard a resounding ‘yes’, there is a real need for senior housing in Andover,” says Sal Lupoli, President and CEO of Lupoli Companies. “We believe that the addition of an over-55 community creates a safe and vibrant neighborhood for residents who wish to sell their homes and remain in town”.

If residents approve the inclusion of 55+ housing at the Special Town Meeting on January 29th, the residential community will attract higher-end dining and retail shops while allowing Lupoli Companies to add even more green space because of the off-peak parking demand with commercial and residential needs.  Based on the studies by TEC, Inc, a local engineering firm, replacing proposed office space with age-restricted residential units will also reduce the new traffic generated by the development by more than 25%.

Back in April 2017, the Town of Andover was awarded a $6M MassWorks grant for roadway and infrastructure improvements. This will help widen Dascomb Road and install sewers, sidewalks and traffic lights to improve existing traffic and safety conditions accommodate new traffic from the project.

Either way, with or without the residential component, Lupoli Companies will move forward with the project as an entirely commercial development or a mixed-use development. 

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