Fiscal Impact Analysis 

Every real estate project creates new taxes and jobs for their host communities.   In return the municipalities provide needed infrastructure support, utilities and safety personnel.  We have undertaken a Fiscal Impact Analysis to help Andover residents and town officials understand the economic impacts of the Dascomb Road project at the full build-out of the Master Plan.

In summary, the Dascomb Road Project is a net positive project for the Town of Andover:

  • Annual tax revenues to the Town of Andover are estimated at $3.1Million
  • At full build-out, the impact on Town services is projected to be $1.3 Million
  • This will generate a net surplus to the community of $1.8M annually, in addition to nearly $2M in one-time permitting fees.

We encourage all residents to study this report, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing us at: