By Noël Cody

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We are excited about our current mixed-use project. But we are even more excited about the new opportunities age-restricted residential housing can bring to this project and this neighborhood!

Andover will host a Special Town Meeting tonight at 7PM at the Andover High School Auditorium. It’s here that you will decide whether or not we include 55+ housing on Dascomb Road and we ask for your YES VOTE!


Read the Warrant Articles 11 & 12. There are two articles for your consideration at the Special Town Meeting, so take a moment to learn about them so your YES VOTE can bring the better project to life for the Town of Andover. View the detailed descriptions here.

See the projects side by side. Find out what is included in the current commercial and retail project and what is offered in the proposed commercial, retail and residential project. Click here to see the square footage for a YES vote and a NO vote.

Get the benefit breakdown. Check out what the addition of 55+ housing will bring to the Town of Andover when compared to the current commercial and retail project by clicking here.

Improve traffic and infrastructure. The Town of Andover was awarded a $6M MassWorks grant to help widen Dascomb Road and install sewers, sidewalks and traffic lights to improve existing traffic and safety. Click here to read an article about the grant, then watch a video by TEC, Inc.'s Rick Friberg on these recommended roadway traffic enhancements.

Gain much needed tax revenue. We understand that there may be some outdated, inaccurate financial info circulating, so here are the numbers based on the current Planned Unit Development project:

Tax Revenue Breakdown

55+ Housing Revenue Projections

• One-time permitting fees Revenue: $1,943,000

• Annual Real Estate Tax Revenue: $2,653,155

• Annual Meals Tax Revenue: $90,000

• Annual Room Occupancy Tax Revenue: $328,500

• Annual Motor Vehicle Excise Revenue: $126,652

TOTAL PROJECTED ANNUAL REVENUE: $3,198,217                   

If you want to read the full financial statement, click here


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