By Noël Cody

Proposed Project

Proposed Project

There has been a lot of confusion over the Warrant Articles associated with this project, so we are breaking down what it all means starting with ID2 Zoning.

What is ID2 Zoning? Created by Andover’s Planning Department, Economic Development Council and Green Advisory, it allows for commercial uses within existing commercial districts.

What are the Warrant Articles? 

Article 1 asks to allow 55+ housing within the ID2 zoning district and identifies the process for proposing senior housing. For this to pass, 2/3 of residents at the Special Town Meeting must vote yes.

If Article 1 passes, it allows projects within the ID2 zoning district to propose 55+ housing at Town Meeting before proceeding with the Planning Board Special Permit process. This extra layer, requiring resident support at Town Meeting, allows for residents to determine where senior housing opportunities make sense and where it doesn’t.  This article, by itself, does not allow senior housing as all projects proposing senior housing within the ID2 zoning district require their own project-specific approvals by Town Meeting (see Article 2).

If Article 1 receives a YES VOTE, then we move onto Article 2 which asks residents to add a 55+ housing component to the Dascomb Road Project specifically. This Article could allow future developers to add 55+ housing to an ID2 zone, however, approval of this article does not automatically allow age restricted housing. A developer would need approval from Andover residents at Town Meeting.

If Article 1 receives a NO VOTE. The Dascomb Road Project continues under the current ID2 zoning for commercial and retail uses.

Article 2 is specific to the Dascomb Road Project itself. This would allow a Planned Development onsite at 146 Dascomb Road only—meaning senior housing (55+) opportunities will be included to enhance the commercial and retail at 146 Dascomb Road.

If Article 2 receives a YES VOTE, we will create a mixed-use development that features everything included in the revised PUD—55+ housing, less traffic than a standalone commercial development, a community center, a boutique hotel, more greenspace, trolley service, and more!


Vote no keeps the project only commercial & retail

Vote yes substitutes some office and retail space for 55+ housing, creating a mixed-use project and generating less traffic with more amenities

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