By Noël Cody

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At Monday’s Special Town Meeting, two Warrant Articles will be voted on, empowering the local residents to decide how they want their town to look and what type of community they want to cultivate.

Warrant Article 11 asks permission from residents to allow 55+ housing to any ID2 zoning district and creates a new approval process for developers proposing age-restricted residences. For this to pass, 2/3 of residents at the Special Town Meeting must vote yes.

If Warrant Article 11 passes, that doesn’t mean that any project can be built in any ID2 zone. ALL projects must be conceptually approved by the people of Andover at a Special Town Meeting:

Only 55+ housing, no other residential options are viable under Warrant Article 11—this restricts the options for developers looking to include housing in ID2 zoning districts.

It is not an automatic approval for residential projects. Voting YES on Warrant Article 11 only provides developers with the ability to propose plans for age-restricted housing.

If Article 11 passes and residents vote to include 55+ housing in any ID2 zoning district, developers still need to secure a majority vote at a Town Meeting to continue with their projects.

This process adds a new layer of approval, giving residents the option to vote on a per-project-basis for what they want to see in their town. So, for example, you could vote yes on the Dascomb Road Project and no on a future project that may not be a good fit for Andover.

Warrant Article 12 is specific to Dascomb Road and asks to specifically allow 55+ housing at 146 Dascomb Road only. Every developer who wants to add age-restricted residences to an ID2 zone must have their conceptual master plan approved by a town vote before going before the Planning Board. This gives residents the chance to decide what is built and where it is built in Andover.

If Warrant Article 12 does pass, then we will start the proper review process with the Planning Board before the project can begin. If you want to read more about the Warrant Articles, click here

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